Saint Michèle Atelier, founded in 2019 by designer Zay Morris, is a multidisciplinary design house established in New Orleans, Louisiana that focuses on producing quality garments utilizing experimental design & sustainable product creation. Our garments are methodically constructed in small batches by Zay and his creative crew.

Saint Michèle Atelier is a fun yet wearable project with no particular correlation to the conventional fashion show calendar, nor approach to design. Sustainability & experimentation are two cornerstones of the brands ethos. Most of the garments are created utilizing vintage and ethically sourced textile materials, with a majority of the garment production process taking place at our production facility in Mississippi. 

Zay has established a distinct design signature with his DIY approach to garment construction practices. From garment dyeing, hand-distressing, hand-embellishing, deconstructing denim, & acid washing/sun-washing techniques, each garment is a labor of love. Undergoing hours of hand work to create the perfect piece. Designing intentionally with an emphasis on sustainability, expressing creativity, & artisanal storytelling. Capsule collections, artist collaborations, activism/philanthropic collaborations, are the ways that help Saint Michèle Atelier redefine itself every single season.